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Kimberly “Anne” Rayborn Harrington is the published author of Georgia Griner Family & Related Families with Royal Lineages and United States Griner Family Historian for many lineages. She is a truly knowledgeable researcher for genealogical historically correct information and knowing where to search. Her research in various archives around the United States including the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. has led to her extensive findings. Currently she works in the archival field and has nearly completed her Master’s Degree in Library Information Science & Archival Certification.

Her latest project is completing her New England ancestry, and she has fifty-two (52) sets of documented great-grandparents buried in New England beginning since the 1600s. This project will be documented on this website in the future.

Ms. Harrington has researched the Griner family and related lineages for over 25 years and has written about the following in depth:

I. The places our Griner ancestors and their families lived and originated from, and the history of these places. As well as transcribing all documents in the book.

II. Detailed information on the Jonathan Griner (father) and Martin Griner (son) families. After going over entire census material and analyzing the data, the factual documentation was found on Martin Griner and his family. (He was not the second wealthiest in Marion County, Florida pre-Civil War. This is only a myth that has been told.)

III. Two diaries that tell of our German ancestors were found. The Johann Christoph Bornemann Diary tells of the journey on the boat in coming to the New World with them. The John Wesley diary tells of his experience with the Germans in Georgia. Relevant passages are included. There is also reference material directly related to our Johann Capser Greiner.

IV. Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina Archives; and courthouses have been thoroughly researched for land grants, probate records, birth/death records, Revolutionary and Civil War records, and other legal records. The Family History Center in Salt Lake City, Utah has also been thoroughly researched. All discovered research is documented in this book.

V. Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefield sites our ancestors fought on were visited and researched for background history. Photographs of battlefields and family property sites as well are in book.

VI. John Martin Griner’s Revolutionary War records, land grants, his signature on 2 neighbors wills, and an actual will he wrote for a dying neighbor. His documented property by the Savannah River has been located.

VII. Samuel Alderman family treasures photographed such as the coverlet Sarah Chestnut Alderman wove, the cow hide walnut chair, and the drawing of the family grandfather clock. A story of when Sherman visited the Alderman family farm and Samuel’s religious poems he wrote are all included.

VIII. William Spencer, who is the fifth-great grandfather of Sarah Jane Alderman Griner and wife Martin Griner, was one of the first settlers of Hartford, Connecticut and was made representative, which led him to be appointed to revise the laws of Connecticut. William Spncer’s actual will and many legal documents regarding him- all are in the book. A document he wrote and his signature was discovered.

IX. Royal Lineages from Sarah Jane Alderman Griner- that have been proven to Malcolm II, King of Scots; Henry II (directly related to his acknowledged illegitimate son); Charlemagne; and his ancestry which goes back to the Merovingian dynasty. Included are some background histories and interesting historical information. First hand account from a servant of Charlemagne that tells personal details of his life is also in the book.

X. Several grandfathers through royal lineages that fought in the Crusades and two that signed the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta has been included, word for word, as it tells the story of our ancestors struggles with King John.

XI. Directions to all the family sites, cemeteries, and battlefields except John Martin Greiner family property by Savannah River. The roads are unmarked, with help, it was located.


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